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With only one unified interest, the interest of digitizing booking of rental houses from the convinience of any internet connected device.

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Business Synergy via
Robust Strategies

With only one unified interest, the interest of digitizing booking of rental houses from the convinience of an android® smartphone.

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Our Services

High Performance Services For Multiple Industries.

Sourcing Tenants

We source credible quality tenants using state of the art credit scoring metrics from within Revolve Rent

Rent Collection

We've made it easy collecting rent with just click of a single button by introducing digital payments.

Banking Services

Customers and clients can access relative cheap finance upto 110% value of their property payable in 10 years through Revolve Sacco.

All of our Skills In The Field

Differentiate Yourself And
Attractive Attention

The founders have more than 15 years of combined experience in
Real Estate, Financial services & building of scalable banking systems.

Real Estate

Financial Services

Solution Provision

We at revolve rent ensure city residents live in peace and harmony. We ensure you are able to find, live, and pay for your residential house & utilities with one click while offering property owners value-added & world-class property management.
We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future, It is seamless to find, rent, live in, and manage residential properties. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let’s bring harmony to our residence, together. .

Gershon Kogei

Founding Partner & Managing Director, Revolve Rent®

Revolve Rent® Ensures there is a less worry for landlords and a lot less work for the tenant by completing digitizing all the proceses from searching, booking, reserving and vacating a unit.

Duncan Kiprop

C0O & Founding Partner, Revolve Rent®

Features That You Will Get

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Your business thrive

  • Let Revolve Rent® source credible quality tenants,

  • Promotional Advertising Specialty You Ve Waited Long Enough

  • Request payment with a click of a button(One-tap) and access to be a member of fast growing banking institution.

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High Performance Services For Multiple Industries.

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